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Hard Candy

  • Big package super sour hard candy in fruit flavor

    Big package super sour hard candy in fruit flavor

    Presenting Super Sour Hard Candy, an irresistible confection that will whisk your taste buds away on a tart journey! You’ll be craving more after tasting this deliciously sour and sweet combo of hard candies. These hard candies are designed to offer you a sharp, sour taste that is counterbalanced by a touch of sweetness. These candies have a very solid structure that gives them a delightful crunch that gradually melts in your tongue. Taste after taste, the very sour flavor tantalizes your senses and produces an experience unlike anything else. Try a range of mouthwatering tastes of really sour hard candies. There’s a taste for every craving, ranging from sweet cherry and wild berry to zesty lemon and lime. Every candies is meticulously manufactured to guarantee the ideal ratio of sourness, guaranteeing a taste that will entice you to try more. Any time of day, these sweets are the ideal pick-me-up. Super Sour Hard Candies deliver an amazing experience whether you’re seeking a boost of taste or attempting to sate your sweet hunger.

  • Wholesale fruit flavor super sour hard candy

    Wholesale fruit flavor super sour hard candy

    Extremely sour hard candy. A thin layer of intensely sour powder surrounds each candy, giving it an extra shock of acidity before melting away to reveal effervescent sweetness. Six sour hard candies are included in this adorable pop art-inspired packet. When you open this awesomely retro package of Super Lemon sour candies, get ready to pucker your lips. Just like the people seen on the packaging, you’ll be in a state of shock. The extreme sourness of the top layer must be overcome in order to enjoy the sweetness of the soda candy beneath.

  • Halal fruit shape hard candy sweet for sale

    Halal fruit shape hard candy sweet for sale

    Fruit-shaped hard candy is a unique treat for both children and adults! These delectable candies are available in a variety of natural fruit flavors, including strawberry, orange, and mango. The texture is addictively smooth, melting in your mouth with each bite. Our hard candy also contains natural food colorings derived from plant extracts, allowing you to enjoy the vibrant colors without the use of artificial coloring. Furthermore, its adorable shapes make it ideal for gift giving or commemorating special occasions. Our product can be easily customized to meet whatever personally tailored needs your customers have in mind because OEM service is available at competitive prices! We are pleased to offer this delectable snack to both European and Asian markets all year.

  • China supplier fruit flavor sour hard candy

    China supplier fruit flavor sour hard candy

    Extremely sour hard candy, and multi-flavors mixed in display, you can enjoy the novelty taste . Each small packet has its unique fruit fruit flavor.

    This sour hard candy it’s deserves to be recommended to more markets for children, and share the value to importers, wholesalers and distributors. Additional customized request like grams, flavors, colors, packing or others, we are pleasured to provide different options for your better choice in candy purchase.