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Sour Powder Candy

  • New arrival sour sweet juice drink powder candy importer

    New arrival sour sweet juice drink powder candy importer

    Sour powder beverage is a well-liked beverage that is well-known for its distinct flavor and pleasant taste. It is made by combining with water and is often sold in powder form. A startling chemical reaction that produces foam happens when acid powder and water are combined.Pour the necessary amount of powder into a cup and slowly add water to make the beverage sour. A foaming reaction happens when powder and water are combined, and finally a significant amount of acid powder is formed.  This foam frequently grows rapidly and has the potential to spill out of the cup, producing an unexpected visual impression.The drink sour powder is ready to consume once the froth has formed. This is a popular drink since it usually tastes nice and fruity, sometimes with a hint of sweetness and sourness. The drink of choice for get-togethers with family and friends or just for fun, because of the enjoyable experience of creating the sour powder and froth. Overall, drink sour powder is a tasty beverage that is well-known for its distinct taste and enjoyable foam-forming process. The foam’s pleasing flavor and eye-catching surprise make it a popular drinking option.

  • Fruit shaped bottle sour powder candy

    Fruit shaped bottle sour powder candy

    The charming and fanciful Fruit Shaped Bottle Sour Powder Candy blends the acidity of sour powder with the sweetness of fruity flavors. This candy is presented in a vibrant and eye-catching fruit-shaped bottle that is a visual feast in addition to being a delight for the taste buds.Each fruit shaped bottle has candy powder in it that tastes like apples, strawberries, oranges, and many other fruits, giving the snacking experience a little bit of humor. The candies are a visually appealing and enticing choice for both adults and children because of their vibrant colors and adorable fruit shapes. Many people find pleasure and stimulation in the treat that is created when various flavor ingredients are juxtaposed. These fruit-shaped bottles of resealable sour powder candies are a perfect option to enjoy on the road because of their portability. This candy is ideal for sating cravings while on the go, whether it’s packed in a lunchbox or a backpack. Fruit-shaped bottled sour pink candies are a great addition to any gathering or celebration as a tasty and entertaining snack that brings a whimsical touch to any event.

  • Cola bag sour straw powder candy

    Cola bag sour straw powder candy

    With its seductively tangy sweetness and tangy sourness, sour straw powder candy is an interesting delicacy that entices the senses. These candies have a pleasant, mouthwatering taste with each mouthful. Cola shaped bag, inside sour powder candy. The vivid hue of the Sour Straw Pink Candy draws your attention right away as soon as you open it, promising intense fruity flavor. Each bite fills the taste senses with a powerful sourness, which is counterbalanced by a sweetness.

  • Wholesale 2 in 1 flavor powder straw candy

    Wholesale 2 in 1 flavor powder straw candy

    1. The two-flavor chocolate-milk powder candy straw with a long straw tastes sweet and delectable, and you can also make it sour.
    2. 100 straws are included with each bottle.
    3. Candy powder stick products are good for our health.
    It won’t get fat after eating candy, and it won’t cause tooth rot.
    4. It is vibrant and appears to be really tasty.
    5. Kids enjoy biting on sour powder sticks.
    This item accurately depicts the traits of a child that enjoys biting.
    6. Our customers have repeatedly ordered this product from us after we previously delivered it to Peru,They already purchased 8 containers.
    In South America, it is very popular.

  • Halal fruit flavor soda bottle straw candy sour powder candy

    Halal fruit flavor soda bottle straw candy sour powder candy

    Still popular candy item- Drink bottle sour powder candy with factory price. For a completely unique flavor experience, this powdered candy mixes the sweetness of well-known fruit flavors with an unexpectedly pleasant pucker of sour.

    For your enjoyment, You may either pour the entire bottle into your mouth or sample a small amount of each flavor before saving some for later.

  • China supplier fun dip sour powder candy

    China supplier fun dip sour powder candy

    30 pcs Fun dip sour powder candy.To get the syrupy sweet and subtly sour kick, lick it up and dip it continuously. Eat the stick when you’ve finished the candy powder. Dip after fruity dip, it’s a delight worth taking your time with.